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amo Queen

new doc about cult b-movie

Hey guys!

Just wanted to let you know about a new documentary that's being made about Tom Graeff's Teenagers from Outer Space. The film, The Boy From Out of This World, reveals the ambition and tragedy behind the 1959 cult film. It's kind of like a "true" version of Tom Burton's Ed Wood.

Interviewees include surviving cast members of the film, scholars and b-movie aficionados like Michael J. Nelson of MST3K, and filmmakers like Lloyd Kaufman and Roger Corman.

The main site is Tom Graeff .org, and there's a blog about the research going on at Tom Graeff's Teenagers From Outer Space @ Blogspot that includes a number of interesting essays and interview summaries.

If any of you have interest in Tom Graeff, Teenagers from Outer Space, B-movies, or sci-fi cinema, please check out and support the project by leaving comments on the blog and the film's IMDB page.

Thanks! Keep watching the skies!

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