Scary Dave (scarydavedc) wrote in b_movies,
Scary Dave

Elvira Videos: Opinions...?

Does anybody here have any of Elvira's Thriller Video tapes? Midnight Madness tapes? Box of Horror DVD set? What are your thoughts? Likes? Dislikes?

I recently picked up the Thriller Video version of Silent Scream for $.80 at the local charity thrift store. On the whole I liked it, but was annoyed by the facts that is was edited down to one hour including host segments and that there was no intermission. I also am waiting on a copy of The Witching Time from the Thriller Video series (starring Patty Quinn, aka Magenta of RHPS. FANDOMS COLLIDE!).

I am most interested to know if Midnight Madness tapes or the Box of Horror DVD set feature one or more intermissions, or if the host segments just sandwich the movie like in the Thriller Video tapes. Also, looking for a heads up on any Thriller Videos that may be a 'Must See' in your opinion.
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